Company Profile

Global Computer Solutions Inc is a international provider of comprehensive end-to-end IT services and solutions. GCS Inc offers a unique global delivery model of innovative, high-quality, value-added services that enable organizations to attain sustainable competitive advantage. Leveraging our world-class delivery capabilities, technological talent, strategic partnerships with major vendors and growing client base.

Our spectrum of services range from IT Strategy Consulting to Application Development, Modernization and Management. The guiding philosophy of GCS is the customer centric approach that helps us to grow and develop along with our customers by understanding their specific needs better. We strive to build customized solutions and provide the most innovative technologies to our customers at the lowest possible cost by consistently turning knowledge into action.

We believe business drives technology, not the other way around. Bringing products and IT Services to market and building companies requires the right people and infrastructure. We've built a flexible product development platform that increases customer's visibility, productivity and accountability in business cycle to accommodate ever-changing business landscape.